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Custom Residential homes are the specialty of Robert E. Waller Builders, Inc. We will truly help you build your dreams in a flawless manner. There are no limits on our capabilities to build you not only a new house, but one that is your home. With LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals, and Florida Green Building Coalition Certifying Agents on staff, we are also proud to provide you with the option of building an environmentally responsible, green structure.Custom Home Builder

It is our pleasure to work with you from the idea stage forward. We pride ourselves in our ability to guide you from tabletop ideas to a beautiful home. No matter what features you would like incorporated, we will deliver exactly what you want in a timely manner.

The communication and relationship between home owner and builder is the one of the most important aspects in the entire construction process, one that is too often neglected. We do not simply want to build your home for you, we want to build it with you. Home owners are fully involved in all phases of the project. Our handpicked, long term subcontractors will also have direct involvement with the owners in order to ensure no idea, or expectation is missed. Custom HomeOur philosophy on customer relations is so strong that we are now proud to call many of our home owners, friends.

We also understand that building a new home is a large investment, and not one to be decided on quickly. Allow us to take you on a tour of homes we have built. It would be our pleasure to put you in contact with previous owners to hear about the building process from a personal perspective. We do not leave our customers except on the best of terms, and we remain there for them long after the project is completed.


"Thank you for the construction of my dream home. You took care of things that had to do with how to build a house, and you let me choose the things that made it my home... I continue to receive unsolicited compliments on the quality of the construction, from family, independent installers, and friends who have more expertise than me... I would recommend you without reservation for anyone that is building a house. I haven't always heard that having a house built is enjoyable, but I had a great time and ended up with, what I believe, is the most perfect house in the world." -- Faith E. Hughes, DVM

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"Based on our satisfaction with the barn construction, we contracted with you to build our home... We found your ability to 'understand our likes' to be amazing and clearly, many of the lit tel things that you came up with added to the overall attractiveness of our home. It goes without saying that we found your honesty and ability to complete the project within budget to be a reinforcement of our initial assessment of you. We have appreciated all of your help and advice." -- Robert C. Roffey

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